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The MJA Landscaping Services Geelong based team is dedicated to creating beautiful landscapes and meticulously caring for them with unmatched service and an eye for perfection. Learn more about our landscaping, tree care and other services below.

Increased Propery Value

Beautiful landscaping is not just refreshing for the eyes, it increases property value, is great for the environment and has been shown to improve your health!

MJA Landscaping Services Geelong, can help you customise your space to suit your individual needs, lifestyle and budget.

Having a landscape that breaks the mould of boring design is a lot easier than you might think.


Our design specialist will guide you through the entire design process from planning structural elements to selecting sustainable plants for your garden.

Our experienced crew will take care of everything during the build. We are fully qualified, licensed and insured to make sure your project is done right.

We take the guess work out of gardening, planting &  select only the best plants to suit your requirements. A sustainable garden works in harmony with nature.

About MJA Landscaping Services Geelong

Our hardworking Geelong based landscaping team has been delivering outstanding, environmentally friendly landscapes for several years now. Our attention to detail, customer service and affordability have made us the go-to business in our industry.

For us, it’s all about you. Your vision. Your property. Your timeline. And your budget. No two projects are alike, and we like it that way. We relish the challenge to work with Mother Nature and make your property the best it can be.

It’s the disciplined approach we take to upholding the highest standards of quality in all we do. The Green Standard means never cutting corners and ensuring maximum value in the long run by creating healthy, sustainable landscapes from the inside out.

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We appreciate your interest in our services! Please contact us with any questions or to request an estimate call or e-mail, we will set up a meeting for you at the earliest available time. We look forward to working with you!