Winter Indoors Plant Care

One average-size plant can help purify up to 3 cubic meters of air. As many of you’re aware, plants give off oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide from the air. They’re also excellent air purifiers–one average-size plant might help purify up to 3 cubic meters of air. It appears that the more plants you have in your home, the cleaner your air will be. This is an even better idea for those of you at the Southern climates. Winter means sealing your house against the cold and drafts of those heavy winter storms. The atmosphere can get somewhat stale; therefore many well-placed houseplants can really help.

There are also the psychological benefits of being surrounded by residing houseplants. They can have a calming effect on individuals, and provide you with a chance to keep exercising your ‘green thumb’. Depending on the variety you pick, they can add to the overall décor of your property. Many plants have multi-colored leaves and a few even create flowers while inside. Your interior surroundings could be aesthetically pleasing while providing a comfortable, relaxed setting. It will require some consideration on your area to select plants that will fit the place that you pick for them.

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